Sierra Kincade
Sierra Kincade


Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Hello lovelies!

I’m so thrilled that FORGOTTEN, book 2 in the Deep Connections Series, is out in the wild! I absolutely loved writing this story. Nerdy Cole and sassy Kenzie were so much fun (I am definitely a geek at heart). Writing them together…well, let’s just say I made myself blush more than a few times.


This story takes off where FORSAKEN ended, but follows the Cole as he continues his search for his missing sister, and ends up in Kenzie Sharp’s diner. Don’t worry, you’ll still see more of Cassie and Jake in this one, and even a hint of what’s to come in book 3…

Here’s more on FORGOTTEN:

Cole Talent never had to go looking for trouble. It always had a way of finding him. After his father’s arrest, the family money is gone, their name is in the mud, and both of Cole’s sisters, Elaina and Marsella, are missing. In search of answers, Cole leaves Reno for the last place he heard from Marsella—Ambrose, Ohio—and instead finds MacKenzie Sharp, the beautiful owner of the diner where Marsella once worked.

But others have followed Cole from Reno, intent on bringing the family down for good. When MacKenzie gets caught in the crossfire, the only chance she has at safety is to go into hiding with the one man who put her in danger. From Reno to Ohio and now Vegas, trouble keeps finding Cole. But with MacKenzie in danger, it’s time to stop running and face it head on.

You can find FORGOTTEN by clicking HERE, and if you haven’t started the series, check it out! FORSAKEN (book 1) is right HERE. I hope you love these stories, and if you do, please tell your friends about them or leave a review. I would be forever grateful!

Thanks again for reading. I can’t wait to hear what you think!