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Sierra Kincade

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Monday, May 18th, 2015

Oh hiiiiiii!

I just returned from the RT Convention which was ALL THE FUN. Had a great time meeting with/fangirling over all my favorite authors (*cough* ChristinaLaurenBethKeryBrightonWalshVictoriaDahl *cough*), and meeting people who WHOA HAVE ACTUALLY READ MY BOOKS. It was amazing. Really humbling and wonderful and okay, maybe my hugs were a little overenthusiastic but whatever.

THE CONFESSION is now out in the wild, which is both scary and really sad. Thank you to everyone who has read the series. I love you guys. And thank you for your wonderful tweets, emails, and Facebook messages. I appreciate them more than you know. Writing this story was so fun. From the first day the plot was conceptualized, to the very last word, I just wanted to go and go and never end. Even now, I don’t want to say¬† goodbye to Alec and Anna. So maybe…I will not…

Across the board, the number one question I’ve received about the series is YEAH, BUT AMY… So, I’m pleased to formally announce that I have FINISHED Amy and Mike’s story. *cheers* I’m currently beginning revisions on it, and don’t have a release day yet, but yes! There will be an Amy story, and YES! Anna and Alec will definitely make a guest appearance! Hooray! More info to come soon.

Again, thank you so much for reading and sharing my books with your friends. If you feel strongly enough about it that you’d like to leave a review on a retailer’s site, I would be forever grateful. Even if you don’t, find me on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to thank you more personally for reading.